Building a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

Developing a strong relationship with your attorney is a very important component of crafting a winning divorce strategy. It is not always easy, but being able to trust your lawyer’s experience and instinct is crucial to the outcome of your case. But how exactly does a litigant build a solid and trusting relationship with their divorce lawyer?

Hire the Right Lawyer

The first step to developing a winning divorce strategy is to retain the right kind of attorney for your case. Contested divorces typically require representation from an aggressive litigator, whereas uncontested and amicable matters will benefit best from a mediator or lawyer who favors quick settlement agreements.

The style in which your attorney practices law must coincide with the kind of case you have (or wish to have). There are instances where an uncontested divorce will change into a contested matter, and when this happens, you may have to consider switching representation. You have the right to hire any lawyer you want, and if their style of representation is no longer in your action’s best interest, you have the right to fire them and retain someone else. This is a fairly common practice in New York matrimonial and family law cases.

Personality Makes a Difference

In addition to choosing an attorney based on how they practice law, you should also take into consideration their personality, how they present themselves, and how they speak to others. Not only will these traits translate into their style of representation, but they will also help you determine whether or not you are able to be comfortable around them. Some people shy away from conflict or aggressive personalities, and may not be able to ever be at ease around their lawyer if they demonstrate these traits.

Being comfortable around your attorney is crucial to building a solid professional relationship. If you are uneasy, it will be harder to open up and express your concerns or the desired outcome of your case. You may also have a difficult time discussing facts that can be used as evidence during trial or settlement negotiations.

Respect Goes a Long Way

A cornerstone of any relationship, whether personal or professional, is mutual respect. It will be especially difficult to maintain a solid relationship with your attorney if either person is disrespectful towards the other.

According to New York’s Statement of Client’s Rights, all litigants are “entitled to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times” by their attorney and the law firm staff. Your attorney is required to provide competent representation, and to advocate thoroughly for your best interests. Prompt communication surrounding your case, such as upcoming court appearances, the filing of new documents, or general updates, should be made regularly. While it is great to have an attorney represent you and handle the minute details of your case, you must remember that the action is still yours, and it is important you remain up-to-date on any happenings.

There are a few different ways you can show your attorney the same level of respect that they extend to you. It is important to acknowledge that your attorney has personal obligations, so you should try to limit your phone calls or emails to normal business hours, unless there is an emergency, or your attorney says it is okay to contact them. Divorce is an emotionally trying experience, and it can be easy to unload your frustrations or feelings of worry onto your lawyer, but these concerns should really be saved for a friend or a therapist. Little considerations can go a long way while building a respectful relationship with your attorney.

Trust Your Lawyer

Trusting your attorney is imperative to the success of your case. Your hired representation has spent years learning the law and dedicated their time to crafting their writing, negotiation, and litigation skills. Your lawyer was hired to advocate on your behalf, and for the best interests of your family. It would be unethical for them to do any different.

Divorce and custody cases are unpredictable, and can take many unexpected twists and turns before a settlement is reached or a judgment is ordered. Given the complexities of such actions, you must understand that your case may not always swing in your favor. You may have unrealistic expectations or demands, your spouse will probably refuse to agree on a certain issue, and it is likely a judge will issue a court order that you do not agree with. This is normal. Feeling defeated and frustrated during a legal action is completely normal. Trust your attorney to tackle these issues head on, and your case will benefit.

Work With a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

The family law firm of Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is different from their competitors because they have a diverse and experienced team of attorneys, representing clients throughout the New York City area. Each lawyer has their own individual style of practicing law, ranging from aggressive litigation, to those who favor settling outside cases outside of the court room. Contact the friendly staff for more information, or to schedule a free and confidential consultation, today!

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