Tips for Surviving the Holidays during Divorce

The holiday season is usually a time reserved for celebrations with friends and family, but when you’re going through a divorce, it can feel anything but cheery. From co-parenting issues to questions from nosy relatives, divorce during the holidays can be difficult to navigate. To help you make the most of the season, here are our top tips for surviving the holidays during divorce.

Be Patient and Flexible

Even without the chaos of divorce, the holidays can be a bit frenzied. Patience and flexibility are two traits you need to have in order to survive the holiday season during divorce. Divorce is hard on all parties involved, even extended family members who were close to your ex-spouse. Be patient with yourself, your children, and family, as you all process and cope with the divorce.
Flexibility is important when it comes to co-parenting during the holiday season. Avoid conflict, which can put a damper on festive traditions, by giving your ex some leeway during this time of year. Not only will they be grateful, but your children will be, too.

Don’t Spend the Holidays Alone

Your first holiday season during divorce can be a lonely one, especially if you’re having a difficult time coping with divorce. Divorce can be very isolating, and a great way to combat this is to spend time with others. Use holiday parties as an excuse to surround yourself with your social circle, reconnect with old friends, and see extended family members.

Set Boundaries with Family

Your divorce is personal, and it shouldn’t be the topic of conversation around the dinner table. While your relatives may have good intentions, their questions and comments can be hurtful. In order to truly enjoy the holidays during divorce, you need to set boundaries. Let your friends and family know that you do not wish to discuss your divorce at this time, and that you hope they will be respectful of your decision. Be firm, but polite.

Address Traditions and Embrace Change

With divorce, comes change. This especially rings true during the holiday season. Some of your annual traditions will change, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Use your divorce as a reason to switch things up a bit. Modify some traditions, but also create new ones. There are still plenty of ways you can celebrate the holidays during divorce, without having to sacrifice the festive activities you enjoy.

Take Time to Recharge

One thing that divorce and the holiday season have in common is that they are stressful. Avoid the holiday burn-out by taking time to recharge between parties, events, and shopping trips. Setting time aside to focus on yourself will not only help you enjoy the season more, but it will make your divorce easier.
Surviving the holidays during divorce is not an impossible feat. Implementing our tips early can help prevent frustration later on. You’ve already been through a lot this year, so take a break and focus your energy on enjoying the holiday season.

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