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The Rule on Pensions in New York

If your husband or wife has pension benefits in New York, you should be aware that under the New York Equitable Distribution Law, you are entitled to your marital share of his or her pension.

Half the House?

Even Judges get it wrong.

What is Equitable

The first issue is often the easiest. In the vast majority of case, marital property is equally divided in New York.

Can I Set Aside My Agreement?

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you agree with all the financial terms of your divorce agreement.

Enhanced Earnings: Am I Entitled?

Most lawyers know that law degrees, and medical degrees can be valued as part of a divorce in New York State.

Failure to Provide?

It amazes me when litigants refuse to provide discovery during the pendancy of a divorce.

Am I Entitled to the Federal Tax Deduction for Child Support?

IRS regs clearly state that a non custodial parent is only entitled to take the child deduction if they have written permission to do so from the custodial parent.

Exclusive Occupancy of the Marital Residence

Unless a petitioner can prove that it is unsafe to continue living together in the marital residence until the divorce is final, a judge will not kick one of the parties out of the house.

Failing to Abide by Orders

People enter agreements all the time in divorce cases in New York.

Uncontested Divorces

People call me every day and ask me how much do I charge for an uncontested divorce in New York.