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What Happen’s If My Husband Was Granted A Divorce in Another State?

In some cases, people to travel to other states to get a divorce.

Enhanced Earnings, How Much Do I Have to Give Up?

All property acquired during the course of a marriage is considered marital property.

How Do I Go About Discovery?

If you are involved in Divorce in New York and your future ex spouse is attempting to hide assets, the discovery process is the way for you and your lawyer to find out what he is actually hiding.

What Is Separate Property?

Many times individuals enter marriage with their own separate property.

I want more than half….

I cannot tell you how many times a client or potential client comes to my office and says they are entitled to more than half of all of the assets.

Is New York State Ready for No Fault Divorce?

A matrimonial commission established by the state’s chief judge, Judith Kaye, has recommended that New York join with the rest of the nation and enact a no-fault divorce law.

Settle Early

The best advice I can give to some clients is to settle their divorce case early, if they are fully informed of all the facts of their case.

Can the Judge Require Life Insurance?

It is relief that the court may grant a party directing his/her spouse to provide insurance for the benefit of his/her spouse or his/her children.

Failure to Pay Any Support

I recently was in Court, arguing my contempt motion in New York Supreme Court and a wealthy business man who owns a number of bakeries and he told the Judge he makes no money…..

Can the Judge Force Me to Sell My House?

In New York State, Judges can force the sale of the marital residence or any property that is deemed to be marital.