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Equitable Distribution
alimony in new york

Reasonable Alimony Expectations in New York

When applying for alimony, this is not a ticket for free income for the rest of your life. Here’s what you need to know about alimony in New York.

equitable distribution new york

How Does Equitable Distribution in New York Work?

Equitable distribution is the legal process of dividing properties between spouses who are undergoing a divorce. How does it work in New York?

cheating alimony

Does Cheating Affect Alimony in New York City?

As of this writing, about 50 percent of all first marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Cost Effective Divorce Strategies

Let’s face it: divorce can be expensive.

Divorce and Family Law Misunderstandings

Initiating a divorce or family court matter can be intimidating and confusing, especially when there are many misconceptions surrounding the process.

The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

It is possible to get a divorce without hiring an attorney, but it isn’t necessarily advised.

Subpoenas in NY Divorce

Contested divorce actions can be complex.

The Divorce Process in New York

“What is the divorce process in New York like?” and “What is the timeline for a divorce?”

Gearing Up for Divorce Month

The beginning of a new year is marked with resolutions, promises made to oneself to better themselves in one way or another, such as joining a gym or changing careers.

Grey Divorce: The Next Big Baby Boomer Trend?

Baby boomers have been at the forefront of many social, economic, and cultural movements throughout the past few decades.