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Child Welfare

What Is a “Person in Need of Supervision” and How Are These Cases Handled?

Have you ever heard the term “Person in Need of Supervision” or PINS? In New York, the court system commonly labels children with this expression when they are still minors and require guidance. A person in this situation legally needs a designated legal guardian to protect them and provide direction. This article will illuminate some … Read more

last name

Changing a Child’s Last Name Following a Divorce

While the practice is becoming less common as societal trends shift, one spouse typically takes the last name of the other spouse. Furthermore, when a couple has a child, the individual will typically assume the same last name as the couple. However, if a couple in this situation has a divorce, the question that may … Read more

Law Guardian

Law Guardians in Child Custody Cases

Child custody actions involve the whole family, not just parents. In New York custody cases, a child will be appointed a law guardian, who will advocate on their behalf. Besides representing children, what is the law guardian’s role in divorce and custody disputes? An Advocate for Your Child A law guardian is your child’s attorney … Read more

What is the Hague Convention?

Last week, we briefly mentioned the Hague Convention while discussing traveling with children during divorce. Besides being a very complex area of law, what exactly is the Hague Convention, and how can it help protect your children? An Introduction to the Hague Convention The Hague Convention (HC) is a treaty that was created to help … Read more

Child Abuse v. Child Neglect in New York

Child abuse and neglect are two of the most serious and concerning types of cases currently plaguing the Family Court system.

Introducing Your Child to the Concept of Therapy

As discussed previously, divorce effects all children differently.

Would Your Child Benefit from Therapy?

Divorce effects children differently.

Troubled Spouses and Child Custody

Issues surrounding child custody and visitation during contested divorce battles are a major concern for the court.

Parental Alienation in Custody Disputes

Divorce can be a trying time.

How is Child Custody Determined in New York?

Agreeing on a child custody plan is one of the hardest components of divorce.

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