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Family Law

How Do I Go About Discovery?

If you are involved in Divorce in New York and your future ex spouse is attempting to hide assets, the discovery process is the way for you and your lawyer to find out what he is actually hiding.

What Is Separate Property?

Many times individuals enter marriage with their own separate property.

Be Careful Before You Sign…

All too often, women come into my office and tell me their wonderful future husband is requesting a pre nuptial agreement be signed before the marriage.

Never Lie to a Judge

You would be surprised how many people actually either out right lie to the Court or misrepresent the truth.

What Should I do?

My ex is making it difficult for me to see my children, What should I do?

prenup in new york

Do I Need a Prenup?

If you have an asset or a degree that you want to protect then you need a pre nup…

difficult get marriage annulment new-york

Is it Difficult to Get an Annulment in New York?

Recently a distraught women walked into my office and wanted an Annulment…..

Discovery and Settlement

Why do litigants have to turn over all of their financial documents to the other side?

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