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divorce financial planning

Ways Divorce Financial Planning Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Admitting that your marriage is no longer working out is never easy. Even if you’ve known for quite some time that there’s something wrong, filing for divorce can still be a difficult pill to swallow. If you are seeking to initiate a divorce in New York, it’s crucial to plan financially to avoid costly mistakes. … Read more

dating during a divorce

Why You Should Avoid Dating During Divorce

It can be tempting to date while going through a divorce, but you need to avoid this pitfall at all costs. Many people date during divorce proceedings because it helps them relieve the stress and anxiety associated with their situation. You may desire a boost to your confidence by going on dates with someone interested … Read more

how to tell your spouse that you want a divorce

How to Tell Your Spouse That You Want a Divorce

One of the most frustrating decisions you might have to make in life is to end your marriage. Whether you’ve been with your spouse since high school or you met them later in life, ending a marriage is never easy. It is one of the most difficult discussions you will ever have with your partner. … Read more

change divorce lawyer

Not Happy with Your Divorce Lawyer? Three Simple Ways to Decide if It’s Time for a Change

Your divorce attorney is more than the person who represents you in court. They are your advocate in every sense of the word – legally, of course, but also emotionally and mentally. You are changing your life in a monumental way, and your divorce attorney should be there to help in every way they can. … Read more

divorce deposition

Five Tips for Surviving a Divorce Deposition

There are few parts of the divorce process as difficult as a deposition. There are many reasons for this, from the often-arduous preparation involved to the direct nature of questioning. Regardless of why it is so difficult, the simple fact remains that your divorce will require a deposition. The experienced attorneys at Brian D. Perskin … Read more

surviving divorce

How to Be Grateful Even When You’re Divorcing

Being grateful while going through a divorce sounds like a tall order. How can anyone expect to be happy when their marriage, one of the pillars upon which they have built a life, is ending? After all, surviving divorce is difficult enough before gratitude enters the picture.  It may sound strange but being grateful while … Read more

Preparing for Divorce: The Top Three Tips You Need to Know

There are a few events in life that require the utmost preparedness. The college application process, changing jobs or careers, and getting married are three that spring easily to mind. Then there is divorce. It may seem counterintuitive to talk about preparing for divorce, but the stark fact is that divorce happens. There were upwards … Read more

signing a divorce decree

What You Need to Know About Your Divorce Decree Before You Sign It

Despite having one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, New York is still home to many people ending their marriage. Whatever the reason – from infidelity to financial hardship to general unhappiness – you want to head into divorce with full knowledge of the process and all of your rights. That is where … Read more

Creating a New Life After Divorce

When most people think of life after divorce and starting over, typically the first thing that pops into mind is dating. While dating is undoubtedly a factor of life following divorce, it is not the only thing that can help you get over the pain and trauma that the whole situation caused. It is essential … Read more

what to do before a divorce

What to Do Before a Divorce

Steps to Take Before a Divorce While divorce is a widespread practice nowadays, there are still precautions you should take before going through with it. Though you might think it’s unnecessary, planning a divorce can aid with lessening stress and the emotional backlash that comes along with it. Consult a Family Law Attorney Legal advice … Read more