Divorce Party vs. Divorce Ceremony

One idea that is gaining popularity is a divorce ceremony, which is considered a way to gain some closure after a divorce. Many people who have not heard of this type of event may assume it is the same as a divorce party, which is also now quite popular. However, there are some differences you should know, whether you plan to host one or just attend one in the future.

Divorce Parties Celebrate Divorce

People who have divorce parties are looking at the divorce as a good thing, as they finally feel free from the marriage. If you feel a sense of relief more so than sadness after your divorce, you may be a good candidate for a divorce party. If you decide to do it, you need to determine whether to host it at your home or at a bar. Either way, this is not usually a kid-friendly event since there is typically a lot of alcohol served at the celebration.

In addition, it is not recommended that you invite your ex since you are supposed to be celebrating your newfound freedom and independence. Of course, if you and your ex are on good terms, and he or she is equally relieved and would not be offended at the idea of a divorce party, you might consider offering an invitation. Just make sure it would not be awkward for yourself or your guests as you party with your ex.

Divorce Ceremonies Offer Closure

On the other hand, divorce ceremonies are usually family-friendly, so you can feel free to invite your children and your ex. In fact, that is the point of this type of ceremony. During the event, you are encouraged to share some words with your friends and family regarding how you will behave after the divorce. For example, you might pledge to try to get along with your ex, stick to the parenting plan, and not put your children in the middle of battles between you and your ex.

Your ex and children should be present to say some words, as well, if they feel like it. Of course, if you do not get along with your former spouse and would not feel comfortable having him or her there, you do not have to invite your ex. You could just recite your pledge to your children, friends, and relatives, which should give most people some sense of peace that the marriage is over.

Some people might look at divorce ceremonies and weddings in a similar light. Though of course one celebrates the beginning of a marriage and the other celebrates the end, they should have the same serious, family-friendly tone. Other people claim divorce ceremonies are more like funerals since they proclaim the death of a marriage.

Working with a Manhattan Divorce Attorney

Either way, you should consider what you want done at your divorce ceremony. If you cannot decide, or do not have a big family that would benefit from the closure the ceremony would offer, maybe you can just stick with the traditional divorce party to mark the end of the marriage. If you need help with any aspects of your divorce, call Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.

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