Rapper Bow Wow Owes Child Support and May Have Lied About Income in Court

Not only has rapper Bow Wow been ordered to pay child support, but he may also be in some legal trouble after apparently omitting information to the court. The omission was in regards to his income, which is typically used to determine the amount of child support that must be paid. The 25-year-old rapper has an infant daughter with his girlfriend Joie Chavis, a model. She took him to court for not paying child support, and it was determined he will pay $3000 per month. Though he came up with the amount, he claimed he only makes $4000 per month, which could make paying child support of $3000 quite a burden. In most cases, someone with Bow Wow’s income would not be able to pay that amount, but this case was a little different. That’s because Bow Wow reportedly did not disclose a new source of income that will supplement what he makes from Cash Money Records. He was recently chosen to host a popular hip hop show on BET, 106 & Park, which will undoubtedly improve his regular income. Therefore, he will most likely be able to easily afford the child support he was ordered to pay, even though he acted like he couldn’t while in court. In fact, he may have to pay even more in the future, depending on how much his income improves with the new gig. He has court in December, at which time the judge will determine how much he has to pay permanently in child support. He might have some explaining to do since he did leave out his new source of income, though he may argue that he was not technically making that amount when he went to court. Either way, he may face legal consequences if it is found he knew about the new job prior to the court hearing. At the very least, his child support obligation may increase. Introduce weight training to your running journey buy alphabol methandienone oral dianabol with uk shipping shoulder training, focus on shoulder width. He also has to pay $11,500 in back child support. He claimed in court that he only has about $1500 in the bank, so it may take some time to come up with this money unless he starts getting paid for his new job soon. Of course, he may have other sources of income he has not disclosed to the court, so it is possible he could have the back payments paid off sooner than one would assume. If you are in court to determine the amount of child support you will pay, you are urged to be as forthcoming with the judge as possible. Of course, you should have a lawyer on your side to let you know the information you need to disclose. That’s where Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. comes in. We can represent you as you go to court to find out the amount of child support. In addition, if your ex owes child support and has not told the court about all sources of income, you may need our help to get what you are owed, so call today.

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