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How Do I Find Out How Much Money My Husband Has?

New York State Law requires that all litigants in a divorce case must comply with financial discovery.

prenup in new york

Do I Need a Prenup?

If you have an asset or a degree that you want to protect then you need a pre nup…

difficult get marriage annulment new-york

Is it Difficult to Get an Annulment in New York?

Recently a distraught women walked into my office and wanted an Annulment…..

What Should You Do?

My ex decided that since there was no order of Custody he was going to take the child whenever he felt like it…..

Discovery and Settlement

Why do litigants have to turn over all of their financial documents to the other side?

divorce case trial

Should My Divorce Case Proceed to Trial?

The Judge told all the parties either settle the case or you are going to trial and he will decide their future…..