Is Age Related to Divorce?

Statistically speaking, yes, age can play a role in divorce. So, there is a connection between divorce and age. Though no one plans an eventual divorce when they get into marriage. However, there is still a possibility of it happening and certain trends can have an effect on whether or not it occurs.
Statistics show that individuals in Generation X (individuals born in the mid-1960s to 1980) have a higher likelihood of getting a divorce than individuals in elder generations do. Additionally, there are other studies that have shown that getting into marriage after the age of 25 greatly increases your chance of having a long marriage. These seem like proofs that divorce and age are in relation.

Age Related to Marriage

Though many individuals think waiting to get married at an older age increases the chances of a successful marriage, that isn’t always true. While it may be true to an extent, there are many more aspects that affect the longevity of a marriage.
A study published in Psychology Today reports that individuals are 50% less likely to get divorced. That is if they marry at 25 years of age rather than marrying at 20 years of age. However, divorce rates begin to climb again as age increases.
Additionally, there is a theory, the “Goldilocks theory of Marriage”. It states that the ideal age to get into marriage is between 28 and 32 years old. However, according to this theory, getting into marriage anytime before or after those ages increases the chance of divorce.
age and divorce
Lastly, several studies have indicated that the larger the age gap is between spouses, the greater the chance of divorce. According to a study done by professors at Emory University, a five-year age gap resulted in an 18 percent higher chance of divorce.

Is Age Going to Affect My Marriage?

In general, there is not just one singular aspect that will make or break your marriage. Many factors can play into whether or not you should get a divorce. And, that is up to the couple to decide. Age is completely relative and some people argue that it has no effect on marriage whatsoever. You should not allow these statistics to intimidate you or think your marriage is bound to end. However, if you feel as though age is a big concern within the dynamic of your marriage, it may be worth considering. Speak to an experienced lawyer to discuss your concerns and options.

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