Four Behaviors That Predict Divorce

Since each couple’s relationship has a different dynamic, there can be several, if not hundreds, of reasons as to why divorce may occur. However, if your relationship has been on the rocks and you are concerned it is headed towards divorce then there are some telltale signs that may give you an indication of where your marriage stands. In other words, you can predict divorce. While the following behaviors do not guarantee your relationship is headed for divorce by any means, these behaviors can help you to decide if you want to reassess what’s really going on between you and your partner. So, with these behaviors, try to predict divorce.

Behavior Number One: Contempt

Contempt is a very difficult behavior to be experiencing within a relationship. Even without the other behaviors occurring, contempt can make marriage very hard to sustain. Contempt can cause one partner to begin to view the other partner with disdain or even disgust. When contempt is involved in a relationship, it can even cause an individual to view their partner as beneath them. This is a harmful dynamic to have; considering within a healthy relationship, partners should view each other as equals, not superiors and inferiors. If you believe your marriage is beginning to have behaviors of contempt within it, it may be time to assess what’s going on. And, speak to an experienced attorney for advice.

Behavior Number Two: Stonewalling

If you are experiencing frequent and heated arguments, it may be a sign of an unhealthy relationship. On the contrary, if you and your partner have completely just given up on fighting and working through issues, it may be an even greater sign that something is wrong within the marriage. Ignoring each other or blocking the other person out may show that the marriage should be reconsidered.

Behavior Number Three: Defensiveness

While most people have trouble accepting when they are at fault, if you or your partner are never able to take criticism in order to work through relationship issues, it may be a bad sign. If no one is willing to take the necessary steps to fix the marriage, then divorce may be a viable option.

behaviors that predict divorceBehavior Number Four: Criticism

Though it is completely normal to have certain things that bother you about your partner. But, if you find yourself criticizing absolutely everything they do or vice versa, it may mean the relationship won’t last. It is okay to criticize small behaviors. However, if the criticism starts to involve a partner’s character, this may mean that the marriage is unhealthy.

Where Do I Go From Here?

As mentioned previously, everyone’s relationship is different. However, if you believe that all of these behaviors are prevalent within your marriage and you have been considering ending it, divorce may be a good option. Contacting an experienced lawyer who is highly trained in this field can help when discussing your options.

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