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Divorce Strategies Under New York’s No-Fault Divorce

On August 15, 2010, New York Governor David Paterson signed no-fault divorce into law. Here are some divorce strategies to take under this divorce.

Changing a Child’s Last Name Following a Divorce

While the practice is becoming less common as societal trends shift, one spouse typically takes the last name of the other spouse. Furthermore, when a couple has a child, the individual will typically assume the same last name as the couple. However, if a couple in this situation has a divorce, the question that may … Read more

Gearing Up for Divorce Month

The beginning of a new year is marked with resolutions, promises made to oneself to better themselves in one way or another, such as joining a gym or changing careers.

Filing First: Getting a Head Start in the NY Divorce Race

If you’re considering divorce, then it is highly recommended that you don’t wait for your spouse to make the first move.

Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Many couples can benefit from getting a prenuptial agreement, but some people in particular need this type of legal document.

Christie Brinkley and Husband Finally Reach Agreement in Messy Settlement

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook recently settled their divorce out of court.

4 Hurtful Things Your Friends Might Say During Your Divorce

There are many difficult things about divorce, and one is when you have to tell your friends.

Flavor Flav and Child Support Arrears

Flavor Flav is just one of many men who have faced legal penalties for failing to pay child support.

3 Reasons to Avoid Hiring an Inexperienced Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering divorce in New York, you need an experienced lawyer, not an amateur.

The Benefits of Mediation During Divorce

If you are facing the possibility of divorce, you should consider trying mediation as the first step.